Agriculture Teacher

La Salle Academy Lithgow (see more jobs from this school)


Secondary Teacher

Teaching Subject: Agriculture

Contract Type: Contract Position Part Time

Applications Close: 17 April 2024

Spark enthusiasm and mould young minds as a Secondary Agriculture Teacher in our dynamic educational community.

<p dir="ltr"><strong>La Salle Academy, Lithgow</strong><br><strong>A Co-educational School Years 7-12</strong><br><strong>Negotiable Part Time Position</strong><br><strong>Commencing: (Term 2 2024-Term 4-2025)</strong></p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>About the Role</strong><br>We have an exciting opportunity for an Agricultural Teacher to become a valuable addition to our amazing team at La Salle Academy, Lithgow. The teacher in a Secondary Catholic School is someone who can collaboratively develop and implement quality curriculum programs relevant to the agriculture curriculum while creating a nurturing and order learning environment for their students.</p> <p dir="ltr">We are seeking a Teacher who understands and commits to supporting the mission and ethos of Catholic education within the school by:</p> <ul> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Creating a learner-centred, supportive, and cooperative learning environment aligned with curriculum policies.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Developing and implementing quality curriculum programs using effective teaching methods; assess and report student progress.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Using inclusive teaching strategies and adapt practices for equitable education.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Analysing student assessment data to identify learning barriers and encourage improvement.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Engaging in ongoing professional development to enhance student outcomes.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Collaborating with school leadership, staff, and contribute to school life.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Providing student supervision and assist in organising extracurricular activities<br><br></p> </li> </ul> <p dir="ltr">A copy of the <em><strong>position description</strong></em> can be <a href="">here.</a></p> <p dir="ltr"><br><strong>About You</strong><br>The new Agriculture Teacher will cultivate a richer educational journey for our students through contemporary teaching experience, relevant qualifications and:</p> <ul> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Expertise and a passion for leading learning</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Appropriate tertiary qualifications and accreditation to teach in NSW</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Demonstrated ability to use technology to inform, track and report learning</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Highly effective organisational and interpersonal skills</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Ability to contribute to the further development of a self-reviewing and self-improving school culture</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Interest in the coordination of transition events and an ability to manage various stakeholders</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">A demonstrated commitment and understanding of the ideals of Catholic Education<br><br></p> </li> </ul> <p dir="ltr"><strong>About Our Offer</strong><br>Our teachers are valued and enjoy the many benefits of working with Catholic Education, Diocese of Bathurst.&nbsp; Some benefits include:</p> <ul> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Support your aspirations in your teaching leadership journey with access to leadership development</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Positive, engaging, and supportive culture</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">An organisation that is committed to fostering professional growth and provides various opportunities for ongoing training and development</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Benefit from being part of a larger network within the Catholic Education system and create strong, lifelong teacher networks</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Lithgow's cultural charm is evident through its local art galleries, craft shops, and community events that celebrate its heritage and artistic spirit</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Lithgow is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, including the Blue Mountains and Wollemi National Park</p> </li> </ul> <p dir="ltr"><a href="">Click here to find out more about Lithgow, NSW.<br><br></a><strong>About Us</strong><br>The Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst (CEDB) is responsible for 33 schools, approximately 9,600 students and 1,700 staff. CEDB is seeking dynamic staff to join our school communities who are committed to making a difference in the lives of their students and their world. Situated in the beauty of the central west region of NSW, a diversity of opportunity awaits you and your family, whether you choose to apply to a school in one of our regional centres or to a school located in small rural community.</p> <p dir="ltr">La Salle Academy, in the Parish of St Patrick’s Lithgow, is a co-educational Catholic school striving to provide a Christ Centred, Catholic education environment which aims for academic excellence and promotes justice for all. La Salle Academy is located on the eastern edge of Wiradjuri country, with staff and students honouring this heritage in our community.</p> <p dir="ltr">With a focus on academic excellence, personal growth, and the development of well-rounded individuals, La Salle Academy offers a faith-filled environment where students can flourish. Through the delivery of a comprehensive curriculum aligned with educational standards, provision of various extracurricular activities, including sports, performing arts, clubs, and community service program, La Salle ensures that students feel safe, valued, and supported throughout their educational journey.</p> <p dir="ltr"><a href="">Click here to find out more about La Salle Academy, Lithgow.<br><br></a><strong>How to Apply</strong><br>If you’re looking to make the next step in your teaching career, we would love to hear from you! Click “Apply” to be taken to our online application portal where you will be asked to complete our online application form. All applications will require:</p> <ul> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">An updated CV/Resume</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">A cover letter addressing the selection criteria outlined in the “About You” section of this advertisement</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">Contact details of appropriate referees</p> </li> <li dir="ltr" style="list-style-type: disc"> <p dir="ltr">All supporting documentation (statements of service, transcripts, identification, WWCC etc)</p> </li> </ul> <p dir="ltr"><strong>Applicants must be submitted by 11:55pm on 17/04/2024.</strong></p> <p dir="ltr"><span style="text-decoration: underline"><em>Please note that the CEDB intends to fill this vacancy as quickly as possible and therefore will close the job as soon as the right candidate is found. We encourage you to apply right away!</em></span></p> <p dir="ltr">Further details of this position can be obtained by contacting the school on 02 6354 5100.</p> <p dir="ltr"><em>CEDB is committed to instilling Safe Child standards in all our schools and CEDB with an understanding that keeping children safe is the responsibility of everyone within our school community.</em></p> <p dir="ltr"><em>A valid Employee Working with Children Check is required for this position.</em></p> <p dir="ltr"><em>Child Protection legislation requires preferred applicants to be subject to employment screening.</em></p> <p dir="ltr"><em>Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst is an equal opportunity employer.</em></p><br><br><p><img src="" alt="Download File">&nbsp;<a href="">Applicant Information Pack</a></p>