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About Us

Shaping Society

We believe that education changes the world.

Every day, educators are listening, encouraging, instructing and teaching; every day, educators are shaping the young humans that will eventually shape our society.

While Teachers On Net might not appear to be a part of all of that, we also believe that every interaction we have with education ultimately has an impact on the classroom.

Whether it’s helping a teacher find their ideal role or assisting a school place a last-minute ad for an unexpected vacancy, we’re driven by our passion for supporting education.

Teachers On Net has been open for business since 1999. We’re 100% Australian owned and operated, with all development carried out in Australia.

We continue to grow, and in 2022, hosted more than 23,000 job ads and attracted an average of over 50,000 visitors a month. We list jobs for schools across Australia, including every Lutheran school, 90 percent of Catholic schools, and independent schools from Tennant Creek to Sydney.

Teachers On Net, we’re Australia’s Leading Education Jobsite.

Better fit, found faster

There's nothing worse than being inundated with applications that don't even come close to your basic requirements. It's because most job boards try to reach everyone, so they don't ask the filtering questions that matter so much in education.

So we created the Best Fit Finder System. By setting job and applicant criteria across 50+ key areas, our algorithm matches jobs to applicants with more precision than any other job site. Plus we send job-alert emails, making sure that those who should see your ad do.

It means an end to the flood of resumes from people who don't qualify, and it means you'll find a better-fit candidate, faster than ever before.

Unbeatable service

Unlike some job sites, who hide their phone number twelve clicks down, we might be the first to actually want you to call.

In fact, we've created the Job Ad Concierge Hotline, our free-call number that connects you straight to a Teachers On Net specialist.

If you need extra help, we can complete your job ad, edit it so it attracts the best recruits, and get it uploaded onto the system for you. Call us to find out more!

So whether you're trying to get a vacancy filled in a hurry, or want to know how to make your ad really stand out - give us a call on 1800 003 202. We'd be delighted to help.

Our Amazing Team

We take pride in delivering outstanding service and best-possible outcomes for our customers. We are passionate about education and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to understand your requirements.

Our Adelaide based team are available Monday to Friday to assist with all your advertising needs!