Special Education Teacher - Mayfield

St Dominic's Catholic College - Mayfield


Diverse Learning / Special Needs

Contract Type: Contract Position Part Time

Applications Close: 16 June 2024

St Dominic's Catholic College Mayfield is seeking a temporary full-time Special Education Teacher to join the team for the remainder of the year.

<p>St Dominic's Catholic College&nbsp;Mayfield is seeking a temporary full-time Special Education Teacher&nbsp;to join the team for the remainder of the year.<br><br>St Dominic’s Catholic College is a systemic, co-educational school that caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 12.<br>The current enrolment is 48 students.<br>As a specialised school setting enrolment caters for students with diverse learning needs.<br><br><br><br><a href="https://diocesemn.azurewebsites.net/media/5757/position_description_-_cso_-_special_education_teacher.pdf"><strong>POSITION DESCRIPTION</strong></a><br><br>Teachers &nbsp;at St Dominic’s, have a unique role to play and are assigned with the task of ensuring each child has the opportunity to grow both academically and spiritually and to live purposeful lives. Teachers at St Dominic’s:<br>&nbsp;</p><ul><li>invite students and their families into a faith-filled educational experience,supported by the Catholic community of which they are a vital part.<br>&nbsp;</li><li>promote the school as a place of learning and excellence where creativity and curiosity are nurtured and students are connected with their world through deep learning and engagement.<br>&nbsp;</li><li>differentiate learning for students according to their educational needs and abilities and are responsible for the creation of a Personalised Plan, and delivery of quality evidence-based teaching programs.<br>&nbsp;</li><li>Work within, and support, an inclusive learning environment.<br>&nbsp;</li><li>Consult and collaborate with parents, colleagues, CSO personnel, and external providers.<br>&nbsp;</li><li>Provide learning opportunities for staff external to St Dominic’s through modelling and professional development.<br><br>The teacher will promote the school as a place of learning and excellence in accordance with contemporary evidence-based learning and wellbeing principles (including digital learning) and will ensure the ongoing development and implementation of pedagogical practices that impact on student learning outcomes.&nbsp; The teacher will acknowledge and agree to the requirement to work within the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.</li></ul>
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