Middle/Senior Boys Teacher - Remote Elcho Island

Gawa Christian School - Galiwingku (see more jobs from this school)

Galiwingku, NT 

Middle School Teacher

Teaching Subject: Aboriginal Studies

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 15 January 2025

Yawirriny' is the term for initiated young men. Reflecting traditional learning where young men learn from older men, with elders, a significant part of the day is dedicated to young men learning together. Guided by the Australian Curriculum, traditional ancient knowledge and a biblical worldview, the Yawirriny'gu Teacher will champion the areas of raypirrimirr- having discipline, margikunhamirr having/giving knowledge and guga'yunamirr -giving/receiving help

<p>RAYPIRIMIRR (having discipline)<br>The Yawirriny'gu teacher will:<br><br><br><br>&nbsp;</p><ul><li>Lead a life surrendered to Jesus, captured by His love and obedient to His leading</li><li>Plan, deliver and assess lessons that will help develop the young men's discipline in areas of spiritual &amp; mental health, physical health and service to others</li><li>Plan, deliver and assess lessons that will inspire discipline and growth in young men's<br>literacy and numeracy skills, making use of the young men's relevant daily experiences<br><br>MAR?GIKUNHAMIRR (having/giving knowledge)<br>The Yawirriny'gu teacher will:</li><li>Have knowledge of learning on country teaching strategies and be willing to work alongside elders, community members and the young men who have deep knowledge of the land and seas</li><li>Know or be willing to learn ways of hunting in the homeland (hunting for sea turtle on a<br>boat, fishing with handlines, spear-making and spearing fish and stingray)</li><li>Be skilled in risk mitigation and safety protocols and able to share and apply this knowledge<br><br><br>GU?GA'YUNAMIRR (giving/receiving help) and GURRUTUMIRR (having family)<br>The Yawirriny'gu teacher will:</li><li>Learn the local language and build relationships to be aware of needs in the community that young men can be part of answering</li><li>Support young men in entrepreneurial pursuits, teaching stewardship of all resources given by God</li><li>Teach skills that the young men can use to serve their families such as basic home and car maintenance or bring in appropriate trainers such as mechanics, carpenters, etc.</li><li>Partner with NT Christian Schools' training arm Capacity Plus where community and learning needs intersect with Capacity Plus' strengths in training delivery (eg. preparing young men for White Card Training that will be delivered by Capacity Plus)</li><li>Plan, deliver and assess literacy and numeracy lessons that address real-life needs and promote God's Kingdom vision in Gäwa</li><li>Be willing to develop learning units that recognise how everything in Yol?u life sits within the family context, honouring specific roles and young men's autonomy and agency</li></ul><p><strong>What we offer</strong><br><br>&nbsp;</p><ul><li>You will be granted a sponsored site visit (preferably two weeks) as our community is an essential voice in who is invited to live and work in Gäwa. This gives the applicant the best idea of what life could be like in Gäwa.</li><li>Induction by NT Christian Schools System Office Team and Gäwa Principal.</li><li>The community will adopt the new teacher as part of the indigenous family, providing a sense of belonging.</li><li>Employment package includes provision of housing, telephone line, internet (with some government restrictions), freight of food supplies.</li><li>There is an annual remote travel allowance on $2,200 per employee, the same amount for a dependent spouse, and $1,900 for children (approximately 2-3 return flights to Darwin per person).</li><li>There is also provision for within-term off-island break as needed.</li><li>A minimum of six weeks of annual leave</li><li>Long Service Leave at five (5) years of continuous service (as opposed to the usual ten)</li><li>15 days per year of personal and carers leave</li><li>Financial and practical assistance to assist new staff in relocating to the Territory</li><li>Opportunities for staff to learn through the National Institute of Christian Education, paid for by NT Christian schools</li><li>All year round professional development</li></ul><p><strong>Key Duties and Responsibilities</strong><br><br>&nbsp;</p><ul><li>Preparing teaching programs that have a biblical perspective, can meet various needs of unique students and produce significant educational outcomes, in line with the College scope.</li><li>Maintain a high level of expanding competence in pedagogy that is current, schools based, teaching practices and classroom management and behavioural support skills.</li><li>Completes record keeping related to classroom performance for the purpose of report creation, continued assessment development, and mandatory government reports.</li><li>Work as a collaborative learner, committed to flexible teams pursuing excellence.</li><li>Experience in, or willingness to learn, using technology including computers, online platforms and data management software.</li><li>Maintenance of proficient accreditation/registration as a teacher; and compliance with the requirements of the APST.</li><li>The duties in addition to teaching, include activities associated with administration, review, development and delivery of educational programs and co-curricular activities.</li><li>Undertake duties required to support the campus such as, but not limited to, attend school camps, assemblies, complete playground, lunch, recess and detention supervision duties.</li><li>Additional duties as assigned.</li></ul><p><br><br>&nbsp;</p>