Junior School Chaplain

Oran Park Anglican College (see more jobs from this school)

Oran Park, NSW 

Chaplains / Pastoral Care

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 10 June 2024

We are seeking a Junior School Chaplain to join our team in 2025. Do you have a passion for supporting and empowering young people to thrive and reach their full potential? Are you passionate about promoting and modelling the Christian faith in a way that reflects Jesus? If so, apply to join our team and experience the OPAC difference.

<p><strong>Junior School Chaplain</strong><br /><strong>Role Context</strong></p><p>At Oran Park Anglican College, we are committed to providing students with an authentic experience of the Christian faith, which is the foundation of all we do. The College motto, ‘Of greater worth than gold’, reflects the great truth that knowing Jesus is of the greatest worth.</p><p>The Christian faith, upon which our College is built, is our motivation to pursue excellence and wisdom within a safe environment, valuing relationships and a life of service to others.</p><p>Our faith is expressed in all areas of College life, including chapels, assemblies and Senior School Pastoral Care classes. It is also interwoven through our Restorative Practices Framework, our model of care for our students, as well as providing a biblical worldview during lessons as students begin to make logical connections throughout different subjects.</p><p><i>It is our hope that all graduates of OPAC enter adulthood with a heart for others, a desire to help one another and a greater understanding of the love of Christ.</i></p><p>The College seeks to employ a Junior School Chaplain with a vibrant Christian faith consistent with the beliefs and values of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Sydney and the mission of the Anglican Schools Corporation. This is one of two new chaplaincy positions and is an exciting opportunity for someone to be involved in wonderful ministry work in a school environment.<br /> </p><p><strong>Position Summary</strong></p><p>All staff at the College share the responsibility for our Christian mission and ministry, and this role will support staff in fulfilling this responsibility. The Junior School Chaplain will support Junior School staff in promoting and modelling the Christian worldview so that the College is a community that impacts every member for Christ through life-changing, caring, quality Christian education. They will encourage, teach, lead, evangelise and disciple Junior School students in the promotion of Jesus and the development of strong faith. Additionally, they will look for opportunities to connect with families in a way that invites them to develop an interest and understanding of the gospel.</p><p><strong>Reports to:  </strong>Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing</p><p><strong>Relates to:   </strong>Lead Pastor, NewLife Anglican Church<br />                      Deputy Principal – Head of Junior School<br />                      Senior School Chaplain<br />                      Classroom Teachers<br />                      Junior School Wellbeing Coordinator</p><p><strong>Status and Hours:   </strong>Full Time, Permanent position</p><p>Student supervision hours are 8 am – 3.30 pm, although an understanding is required that the role will require greater hours than this, including attendance at weekly staff meetings and other after-hours events.</p><p><strong>Commencement Date:   </strong>Term 1, 2025</p><p><strong>Full Time Equivalent (FTE):   </strong>1.0</p><p><strong>Teaching Load:   </strong>0.5</p><p><strong>Dress Code:   </strong>Oran Park Anglican College requires staff to dress in a professional manner, fitting of an independent school.</p><p> </p><p><strong>Major Responsibilities</strong></p><p>Working with all stakeholders, the Junior School Chaplain will support the development and implementation of the Christian Ministry Plan and improve the outcomes across the following domains:</p><ol><li>Christian Education and Student Ministry</li><li>Spiritual development of staff</li><li>Community engagement and partnership with local Anglican churches and Christian gospel-focused ministries</li></ol><p> </p><p><strong>1. Christian Education and Student Ministry</strong></p><ul><li>Ensure that every student has the opportunity to hear the Gospel and know how they can follow and serve Christ. </li><li>Provide guidance and support to staff to apply a biblical Christian worldview into teaching and learning programs across all pedagogy and curriculum areas. </li><li>Contribute to the development and teaching of an effective and innovative Junior School Christian Studies program. Supporting Christian Studies teachers to plan and teach lessons which allows students to explore biblical themes, testimonies and critically consider their worldview in light of the gospel.</li><li>Sustain current knowledge and understanding of key aspects of leading in faith-based schools in a complex and changing landscape. </li><li>Coordinate the Junior School chapel services including preaching clear gospel presentations and bible talks and empowering the Student Leaders to lead in this context.</li><li>Liaise with and arrange guest speakers (internal and external) for Chapels as appropriate. </li><li>Organise and oversee the College’s community services for special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. </li><li>Promote and encourage Christian ministry amongst students and staff including assisting in the training and discipleship of Christian Student Leaders.</li><li>Lead the voluntary Junior School Christian groups, including training and discipleship of students. </li><li>Support the Junior School Wellbeing Coordinator in the delivery of Camp Programs.</li><li>Work collaboratively with other staff to promote the College values: courage, curiosity, craftsmanship, collaboration and compassion.</li></ul><p><strong>2. Spiritual development of staff </strong></p><ul><li>Develop the capability of staff to integrate their Christian faith into their teaching and leadership practice. </li><li>Support teaching and support staff in their expression of the College’s Christian approach to education. </li><li>Contribute to the induction of new staff to ensure they understand the Christian foundations of the College and how they can contribute to our Christian mission. </li><li>In collaboration with the Senior School Chaplain, recommend and lead professional development that seeks to develop staff from a Christian perspective. </li></ul><p><strong>3. Community Engagement and Partnerships with local Anglican churches and Christian Gospel-focused ministry organisations </strong></p><ul><li>Where possible, oversee opportunities for parents to grow in their understanding of the Gospel. </li><li>Prioritise regular prayer for and with the College community, encouraging prayerfulness through staff, student and community prayer groups and in own practice. </li><li>Develop opportunities for the College community to explore and develop their faith through College-based activities. </li><li>In collaboration with Wellbeing staff, provide support for families of the College in challenging circumstances.</li><li>Maintain and enhance the partnership between the Sydney Anglican Diocese, College and the local Anglican churches. </li><li>Initiate and build programs to provide connection, service and faith exploration over time. </li><li>Promote student, staff and family involvement in programs provided by local churches and ministry organisations. </li><li>Use networks to promote teaching and ministry in colleges as a vocation for young Christians seeking to use their gifts for the advancement of the Gospel. </li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>Additional Information</strong></p><p><strong>Salary:   </strong>To be negotiated based on qualifications and experience and in accordance with the Independent Schools NSW/ACT Standards Model (Teachers) Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2021.<strong> </strong></p><p><strong>Child Safety:    </strong>Oran Park Anglican College is committed to child safety. All members of staff are required to comply with applicable child protection legislation and are responsible for ensuring that the College’s Child Safe policies, procedures and programs are at the forefront of all we do. As such, staff are expected to satisfy child protection screening and adhere to the College’s Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct.</p><p><strong>WHS:   </strong>Oran Park Anglican College acknowledges that the health, safety and wellbeing of people and the provision of a safe working and learning environment are central to the values of the College. All members of staff are required to adhere to the College’s WHS policies and procedures and undertake annual WHS training. The successful applicant will be provided with their WHS responsibilities at the time of appointment.</p><p><strong>Note:    </strong>All positions evolve over time and as such, the position description should be viewed as a guide with the full expectation that other duties as required will be a natural part of the role. The role will continue to evolve in consultation with the Principal.<br /> </p><p><strong>Professional and Personal Attributes</strong></p><p>Essential skills and attributes for this role include;</p><ul><li>Have a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and be actively involved at an evangelical Christian church. </li><li>Accept Oran Park Anglican College’s Statement of Faith and a demonstrated Christian lifestyle, character and commitment.</li><li>Support the Christian foundations of Oran Park Anglican College within the context of the vision, mission and values of the Anglican Schools Corporation.</li><li>Teaching qualifications and a qualification in Theology is required, ideally a Bachelor’s degree and/or Postgraduate qualification. </li><li>Proven ability to teach the Bible to young people of various ages. </li><li>Ability to preach faithfully and in an engaging manner from the Bible.</li><li>Demonstrate an ability to express your faith openly and provide pastoral support and care to staff, students and families whilst remaining sensitive to the religious and cultural beliefs of others.</li><li>Highly effective interpersonal and public relations skills with the ability to build positive relationships that nurture and empower students with a diverse range of needs to achieve their full potential.</li><li>Ability to consider apologetics and questions relevant to the Christian faith. </li><li>Strong physical, mental and emotional health to deal with the required demands and responsibilities of the role. </li><li>Highly developed organisational skills with the ability to set priorities, meet deadlines and solve problems creatively.</li><li>Attitude of continuous improvement, completing all tasks with diligence.</li><li>Demonstrated passion and enthusiasm for education and schools as a place for mission and service. </li><li>Demonstrated effective interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills with a range of people, including staff, students, parents, and community members.</li><li>Ability to maintain confidentiality and represent the best interests of the College at all times.</li><li>Ability to model exemplary teaching and learning practice.</li><li>Capacity to manage complexity and prioritise multiple deadlines.</li><li>Ability to grow and nurture others as leaders.</li><li>Capacity and willingness to lead and relate to others with compassion and integrity.</li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>The Application Process</strong></p><p>Applicants are required to:</p><ul><li>Complete the “Application for employment – Teaching” form (found under the Employment tab on our website)</li><li>Provide a 2-3 page cover letter which details your experience and demonstrates your ability to meet the essential criteria for this position, including a statement of personal Christian faith.</li><li>Curriculum Vitae of no more than 4 pages </li></ul><p>Please forward your application marked “Private and Confidential” to:</p><p>Mrs Naomi Wilkins<br />Principal<br />Oran Park Anglican College</p><p>Email:   <a href="mailto:employment&#64;opac.nsw.edu.au" rel="nofollow">employment&#64;opac.nsw.edu.au</a> – one PDF document<br />Website:   www.opac.nsw.edu.au</p><p><strong>Applications close 10 June 2024</strong></p>