Leader of Learning - Learning Support - Gateshead

St Mary's Catholic College - Gateshead (see more jobs from this school)


Curriculum / Learning

Teaching Subject: Diverse Learning / Special Needs

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 2 December 2023

St Mary's Catholic College Gateshead is seeking Permanent Full Time Leader of Learning - Learning Support to join the team in 2024.

St Mary's Catholic College Gateshead&nbsp;is seeking Permanent Full Time Leader of Learning - Learning Support to join the team in 2024.<br><br>St Mary’s Catholic College, Gateshead, is a co-educational year 7 to 12 College founded in the finest tradition of the Josephite sisters.<br>It is recognised and acclaimed as a safe, disciplined, welcoming and caring community.<br>It is a school where paramount importance is given to building and nurturing quality relationships; providing excellence in teaching and learning aligned with the Visible Learning Framework; setting and maintaining high standards and expectations in all dimensions of college life and providing a sound spiritual framework for students' personal growth and development as learners and as people.<br>A fundamental belief underpinning college life is a commitment to service in the spirit of the Gospel, which honours the college motto ‘Ready to Serve’.<br><br><a href="https://diocesemn.azurewebsites.net/media/6685/position_description_-_cso_-_leader_of_learning_support_and-learning_support_coordinator.pdf" target="_blank"><strong><br><br><head3><b>POSITION DESCRIPTION</b></head3></strong></a><br><br>The Leader of Learning Support / Learning Support Coordinator (7-12) in a Catholic school has a unique role to play and is assigned with the task of ensuring each child has the opportunity to grow both academically and spiritually and to live a purposeful life. &nbsp;Examples of responsibilities of the Learning Support Teacher include, but are not limited to, the following:<br><li>supervise the work of personnel in the Learning Support faculty<br></li><li>assist with the identification of students with special educational needs, consult and collaborate with parents, colleagues, CSO personnel and external providers, and facilitate referral and assessment procedures with Catholic Schools Office Student Support staff.<br></li><li>deliver intervention, teach students, and assist teachers with curriculum differentiation, as specified by the Leader of Learning Support / Learning Support Coordinator.<br></li><li>collaborate with class teachers and other relevant people to assist in the design, implementation, and monitoring and review of adjustments, as documented in the Personalised Plan (PP) or Learner Profile (LP).<br></li><li>work collaboratively with other Learning Support personnel.&nbsp;<br></li><li>contribute to the provision of staff professional development and parent education programs.<br></li><li>liaise with relevant schools particularly in relation to transition periods.<br></li><li>coordinate the preparation of documentation required under legislation in line with privacy, confidentiality, and disability obligations, for example, pre-enrolment documentation, and assist in the preparation of submissions for the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)<br></li><li>support the development of inclusive learning environments&nbsp;<br></li><li>manage programs and processes to support students with disability&nbsp;<br></li><li>build capacity of school staff in the area of Special Education<br><br>The teacher will promote the school as a place of learning and excellence in accordance with contemporary evidence-based learning and wellbeing principles (including digital learning) and will ensure the ongoing development and implementation of pedagogical practices that impact on student learning outcomes.&nbsp; The teacher will acknowledge and agree to the requirement to work within the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.&nbsp;</li>