Pastoral Care Worker - Muswellbrook

St James' Primary School - Muswellbrook


Chaplains / Pastoral Care

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Part Time

Applications Close: 3 December 2023

St James' Primary School Muswellbrook is seeking a Permanent Part time (14 hours per week) Pastoral Care Worker to join the team in 2024.

St James' Primary School Muswellbrook is seeking a Permanent Part time (14 hours per week)&nbsp;Pastoral Care Worker&nbsp;to join the team in 2024.<br><br>St James' Primary School, Muswellbrook is a Catholic school where learning comes first.<br>Catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6, the school endeavours to provide a holistic and comprehensive education for all students by nurturing the academic, physical, interpersonal and spiritual dimensions of school life.<br>St James’ features an inviting and nurturing educational environment equipped with modern facilities and modern technology.<br>The school grounds feature open plan collaborative classrooms, flexible working spaces, a computer lab, multi-purpose hall, outdoor covered learning area, large playground and playing fields and a fully equipped learning centre with a well-resourced library.<br>These spaces provide a stimulating and adaptable learning environment for all students.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><strong><br><br><head3><b>POSITION DESCRIPTION</b></head3></strong></a><br><br>Pastoral care is defined in the Project Agreement with the Commonwealth Government as the practice of looking after the personal needs of students, not just their academic needs, through the provision of general spiritual and personal advice.<br><br>Pastoral care workers support the Pastoral Care of students by providing:<br><li>pastoral care services<br></li><li>strategies that support the wellbeing of the broader school community. NSCP, 2019, 10. (Guidelines on NSW Arrangements for 2020–2022).<br><br>&nbsp;The role of the pastoral care worker will vary depending on the needs of the individual schools and their communities. Therefore, schools are encouraged to shape the role of the position according to local needs and the capacities of the incumbent.</li>
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