Secondary Mathematics Teacher - Aberdeen

St Joseph's Catholic College - Aberdeen


Secondary Teacher

Teaching Subject: Mathematics

Contract Type: Permanent/Ongoing Position Full Time

Applications Close: 27 November 2023

St Joseph's High School, Aberdeen is seeking a Permanent Full time Secondary Mathematic Teacher to join the team in January 2024.

St Joseph's High School, Aberdeen is seeking a Permanent Full time Secondary Mathematic Teacher&nbsp;to join the team in January 2024.<br><br>St Joseph’s High School is a co-educational, Year 7-12 school committed in partnership with the community to meeting the academic, social, physical and spiritual needs of its students.<br>St Joseph’s promotes an authentic learning community with a rigorous and comprehensive academic curriculum encouraging high standards of education for every student.<br>&nbsp;<br><br>The teaching community are deeply committed to helping students achieve their goals with a strong focus on Catholic identity and the development of the whole person.<br>Among the school community it is highly recognise that learning has its greatest outcomes when parents, students and teachers form strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust.<br>Teachers maintain high expectations of students, fostering the formation of well-rounded and spiritually centred young people.<br>Relocating to a new community to live and work is a leap of faith.<br>It involves a shifting away from family, friends and familiar routines.<br>However, it can also open up possibilities of opportunities for professional growth, unique experiences and new friendships.&nbsp;<br><br>• &nbsp;Join a school set among green fields with extensive picturesque views of rich farmlands, cattle grazing, the Hunter River and distant mountains; &nbsp;<br><br>• &nbsp;Join an agricultural environment committed to enriching staff and students with a variety of real life experiences through interactive agricultural projects.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><strong><br><br><head3><b>POSITION DESCRIPTION</b></head3></strong></a><br><br>Teachers in a Catholic school have a unique role to play and are assigned with the task of ensuring each child has the opportunity to grow both academically and spiritually and to live purposeful lives.<br><li>Supported by the Catholic community of which they are a vital part, teachers invite students and their families into a faith-filled educational experience<br></li><li>Teachers promote the school as a place of learning and excellence where creativity and curiosity are nurtured and students are connected with their world through deep learning and engagement<br></li><li>Teachers differentiate learning for students according to their educational needs and abilities and are responsible for the creation of effective assessment practices and quality teaching programs<br><br>The teacher will promote the school as a place of learning and excellence in accordance with contemporary evidence-based learning and wellbeing principles (including digital learning) and will ensure the ongoing development and implementation of pedagogical practices that impact on student learning outcomes.&nbsp; The teacher will acknowledge and agree to the requirement to work within the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.</li>
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