Language Assistant - Auslan

St Brigid's School - Ballan


Learning Support / Teacher's Aide

Contract Type: Contract Position Part Time (0.04 FTE)

Applications Close: 15 December 2022

This is an exciting opportunity for a Language Assistant to join a thriving and dynamic community for the 2023 school year.

<p>We are seeking applications for a Language Assistant to join our dynamic team. This exciting opportunity offers a fixed term-term, part-time role to commence in Term 1 for the 2023 school year. The successful applicant will have a demonstrated commitment to Catholic education and to the safety and wellbeing of all children. </p><p><b>Background:</b></p><p>In 2023, St Brigid’s Primary School will continue implementing the language program called Teachers as Co-Learners (TCL). The successful applicant will support teachers learning alongside students to develop their capacity to communicate in Auslan.</p><p><b>Position Description: </b></p><p>St Brigid’s Primary School is looking for a native or native-like user of Auslan to join our team as a Language Assistant (Educational Support Officer) to continue to embed the TCL approach to language learning. </p><p>This is a fixed-term, part-time position classified under the Victorian Catholic Education Multi Enterprise Agreement 2018 as ESB 2-1. The hours of employment for this position will be 1 hour 30 minutes per week or 3 hours per fortnight (working days and times can be negotiated with Principal). This position will commence at the beginning of next year. </p><p>The applicant will: </p><ul><li>be proficient in the Auslan language (a native user and/or has a high certification in the target language);</li><li>demonstrate a high skill and knowledge of Auslan;</li><li>have the ability or capacity to support classroom teachers to deliver an Auslan Teachers as Co-Learners program;</li><li>work with staff and students to develop and embed Auslan across the school through a Teachers as Co-Learners approach;</li><li>provide encouragement to both staff and students co-learning Auslan at the school;</li><li>be supported by the school and Catholic Education Ballarat to create teaching resources such as videos and activities;</li><li>be aware that St Brigid’s Primary School is a Catholic school and as such, religious words may be incorporated into the Teachers as Co-Learners curriculum content;</li><li>demonstrate an ongoing involvement in the Deaf community and a capacity to support students and teachers to understand the history, traditions and the importance of shared cultural events;</li><li>be required to present a Working with Children Check by January 2023, adhering to all Child Safety processes and policies of the school found under the Policies tab on our website.</li></ul><p><b>Important: </b></p><p>The applicant does not require any teaching qualifications but rather will adhere to the position requirements of Education Support Officer (classroom language assistant). </p><p><b>Language Assistant Role Description:</b></p><p>A TCL language assistant&#39;s role is to support teachers and students in their language learning by: </p><ul><li>working with individuals or groups of teachers to present new vocabulary and retrieve/recycle prior language for ongoing maintenance;</li><li>providing feedback to students and teachers on language accuracy (including formal assessments);</li><li>modelling correct language use, and helping to support correct receptive and expressive skill development;</li><li>supporting in-class learning experiences, such as working with small groups of students;</li><li>supporting creative output of language by teachers and students;</li><li>contributing to understanding and connections with culture and community;</li><li>supporting the creation of both physical and digital resources for use in learning experiences (depending on the working structure of each school and on the amount of hours allocated);</li><li>willing to participate in TCL professional learning and networking;</li><li>supporting teachers in the assessment of student learning;</li><li>sharing information on Deaf events with staff and students;</li><li>modelling Deaf cultural norms.</li></ul><p>The Language Assistant will be: </p><ul><li>passionate about students’ language learning experience;</li><li>an advocate for active language use throughout the school community;</li><li>passionate and committed to the culture of the Auslan language and community;</li><li>organised and reliable;</li><li>a dynamic team player;</li><li>familiar with IT programs;</li><li>a lifelong learner.</li></ul><p><b><br /></b></p><p><b>Starting Date: </b>Term 1, 2023 </p><p><b>Application Procedure: </b></p><p>Applications must include: </p><ul><li>completed Application for Employment Form;</li><li>a cover letter detailing the applicant’s experience;</li><li>current CV with names and contact phone numbers of three referees.</li></ul><p><i>Applications are to be addressed to the Principal, Jayne Bosworth, and emailed to: jbosworth&#64; </i></p><p><b>Closing Date for Applications: </b>9:00am on Thursday 15th December, 2022 </p><p><b><i>St Brigid’s Primary School, Ballan is committed to the safety, wellbeing and protection of all children in our care.</i></b></p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>


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