Director of Leadership

Lutheran Education Australia

North Adelaide, SA 

Deputy / Assistant Head of School

Contract Type: Contract Position Full Time

Applications Close: 29 June 2022

This is an outstanding opportunity for a Lutheran educational leader to help shape the current and future leadership, culture and identity of Lutheran education nationally.

<p>The LEA Director of Leadership will work collaboratively with regional leaders, schools and ECSs in the areas of educational and spiritual leadership development, governance and school safety in the light of Growing deep, and reflecting the Board for Lutheran Education Australia’s strategic priorities in relation to leadership and effective governance.</p><p>The LEA Director of Leadership is a member of the LEA team and is responsible for </p><p>1. generating research, learning and innovative practices across Lutheran Education Australia, particularly in the areas of effective leadership, pursuing world best practice and support for Australian Lutheran school principals and ECS directors and emerging leaders </p><p>2. monitoring, maintaining and promoting the LEA Leadership and formation framework Growing deep, (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) and relevant applications and resources for all leaders, ECSs and schools </p><p>3. encouraging and stimulating learning and growth in spiritual and educational leadership, both prior to and during leadership, to reflect best practice and ongoing commitment to lifelong learning </p><p>4. enhancing internal and external dialogue for leaders and leadership teams to advance collaborative learning and to reflect on current leadership research </p><p>5. working with key stakeholders to engage leaders in professional learning and research as well as to further improve support to leaders which is relevant and contextual in contemporary Australia</p>


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Application Instructions

<p>Applications are to be emailed in PDF format and addressed to: </p><p>Assoc Prof Lisa Schmidt<br />Executive Director, Lutheran Education Australia</p><p><a href="mailto:LEAdirector&#64;" rel="nofollow">LEAdirector&#64;</a> </p>


This vacancy is no longer open.